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Fishing Reservation System

Online Software

Not just for fishing boats!!

Our Online version.

Did you know that over 60% people that goes to your site is using Smart Phones!

We have updated our app to our new 2024 version including smart phone Technology

Site that is using our new version with all Add On


Captree Pride

Captree Princess



Phone Support

Why pay per year for your Tickets system?

Purchase your software once and that's it!

Online Support

This software was designed by charter boat and party boat captains.

After over 14 years on service for the for hire boats Our New System is hear


All new Features:

Not just for fishing boats!!

Sample Calendar

Our new system can handle Boat Rentals, Kayak Lessons and any Classes.

  • Anything a Company must have a appointments for.

  • A set time or Day reservations.

 Will excepts

  •  Co Pays

  •  Reservations Deposit

  •  Excepts Full Payments.

  •  Customers information


  • Easy Purchase tickets from Cell phones or Computer

  • Barcode Scanning*

  • Keeps track of bookings and Appointments

  • Can Works direct with your Merchant account PayPal, Cash and Vinmo apps*

  • Can send receipt or tickets by email and text*.

  • 1 year free service contract.

full list of all features


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